Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mini Shopping Haul #2

Thought id make a quick post on a few new bits of jewellery i picked up whilst on a trip to Primark! I will always pop in once a weak or whenever to see what new inexpensive goodies they have for sale because personally i think you cant beat them for the what if the quality isn't always the most amazing but for a £3 pair if earrings as long as you get a few good wears out of them you cant really complain!! I must admit some of Primarks stuff can bit a bit on the cheap & tacky side but if you have a good eye for these things you can usually find some nice things.   

The suede straps & the stone which has an almost petrol kind of two toned effect on this necklace are what really caught my attention i dont own anything else like it and have yet to wear it but im sure i will do eventually :) 

Now dont you just LOVE that orange...i wore these out on the weekend with peachy/cream one sleeved slightly floral dress and they looked great...Also seen about 3 other people wearing the same earings as me! You know what they say ...great minds and all that! 

Im forever buying braceletes like these and sticking them all in a draw together so i can just grab a random handfull if i ever need to!! :

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