Monday, 12 September 2011

Mac Me Over Mini Haul.

I've not purchased anything from a Mac collection for a while now....mainly because ive been trying to cut back on the amount i spend on make up and nothing has really caught my attention and made me think 'OH I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!'
Im going through a big Burgundy/Maroon phase fight now...dont know why i jus LOVE it ...anything that colour i just have to have so when looking through what the 'Mac Me Over' collection had to offer as soon as i seen 'Dark Diversion' Fluidline i was very interested!
Since buying it ive not actually properly used it with a full look, i swatched it in store and liked it then once i got it home i swatched it for this post and tested it on myself without any primer/eyeshadow and in all honesty i cant say i was really that kinda goes on a bit patchy and needs to be built up using very small strokes for the colour to really stand out.

I didn't plan to buy anything else but as im a big sucker for a nice lipstick i swatched a few while in store and fell in love with 'Oh, Oh, Oh' ...i've been after a deeper reddish coloured lipstick for a while but i dont think i can pull them off too well as they tend to just drain the colour from my face but this is brilliant as its not a very strong colour and the gold shimmer in it adds just a nice amount of highlight!!! 

Both were priced at £13.50 which is a bit more than i've spent on such little make up in a long time but i was in the mood to treat myself!! :) 

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