Thursday, 18 August 2011

My First Shopping Haul!!

Im trying to incorporate as much variety in my blog as i can to keep it interesting...So as i did a bit of shopping with you i thought id share what i bought with my readers :) i might try make this a regular thing, im not too sure as i dont always go shopping every week but ill see how i go on!  
My first finds were in Dorothy Perkins ...i was on the look out for some new gold necklaces as the ones i have ive completely over-worn and have started to go a bit off colour! The one on the left was on sale for just £3 reduced from£12.50!! I love the thickness of the actual chain itself as theres probably less chance of it breaking one me! The one on the right was reduced to £5 from £18 and is a combination of gold chains and bits of leather....i was incredibly with my lovely bargains!! :D
Next stop was Waterstones, i do have iBooks on my iphone and im aware of things like Kindle but i personally think that you cant beat a good old book! Here i picked 'One Day' by David Nicholls...heard a lot of good things about it and i want to see the film so i thought id get myself a copy but dont know if ill do book or film first?!...As it was on 3for2 i also got myself 'Belle' by Lesley Pearse which sounds rather interesting and i got my niece a copy of 'The very hungry caterpillar' :) 

Because I dont have tonnes of clothes as it is I found this lovely top in new look for just £9.99... I absolutely loove the print and for some reason im getting ..very into navy lately and its as close to black as ill go when it comes to clothes.

My hair has started to go a tad flat and lifeless recently so i thought id try a bit of volumising shampoo/conditioner ...i dont know if this particular one is any good but i do rather like Aussie products so i thought it cant hurt to try it ...and all the Aussie hair products are currently on offer in superdrug ...2 for £4.99 :D

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