Saturday, 27 August 2011

I Think I Will Have Seen Everything When I See An Elephant Fly.

I love it when i come across nice charity shop finds like recently on a quick wander round The British Heart Foundation charity shop in the town where i work i came across a rather pretty decorated Elephant ...something i've always had quite a love for but dont own any so i decided i would buy it!...Then i noticed there was another which was identical and as Elephants always travel in herds it didn't feel right splitting them up so i just had to have both!

They were nicely priced at £4.99 each....cant complain as it does go to charity! These are a lovely addition to my make up desk/table...needed something to pretty it up a bit and as these aren't that big they are great!! I don't know what on earth they are made of as they were unpackaged and there isn't anything to say where they are made so i sadly cant give any information on that but i thought id share my lovely find with you! :) 

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