Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sleek Molten Metal Eyeshadow Duo

I never bothered to buy the Molten Metal eyeshadow duo when it was originally released, i wasn't honestly that excited by it but then once all the blog/youtube reviews came out i was slightly gutted that i didn't get it when i had the chance..

To my surprise i spotted it back on the shelves in superdrug priced at £ i snapped it up straight away :D

Sleek Say...Molten Metal is a highly pigmented metallic cream eyeshadow duo.
The palette consists of 2 gloriously rich and highly pigmented metallic creams that ignite the skin with intensity. The formulation is soft and fluid-like allowing easy application.

Pewter, Gold Leaf 
Both colours are creamy to the touch and very nicely pigmented ....i have not got round to testing these for myself yet but from what i've read up on these hold well with/without primer and with shadow on top... im guessing it will just be what works best for the individual...i reckon i would most probably need a primer underneath as i can sometimes have quite oily lids causing shadows to crease more.

Who else has the molten metal eyeshadow duo? what do you find works best for you?


  1. Wow, I'm not usually one for those moten metallic cream eyeshadow thingies, but this one looks really pretty!

  2. I love the look of these but I find they crease instantly unless you use a very thin layer over primer and under powder shadow. As a result I haven't really bothered with them much so they just sit in a drawer x