Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Piercing

So if your Anti-piercing/squeamish you may not want to bother reading this post i just thought id share it with you all try get a bit of variation going on my blog ....

Last Saturday i finally decided to get that scaffold bar across the top of my ear which ive been putting off getting for too dam long now!!
My friend said she wanted to get her tongue pierced yes its done twice and it looks pretty cool...she wanted somebody to come along and i thought seen as i was going i might aswel get mine done too :D

Its not looking soo great in the ear is still swollen and a bit bruised now too which i've been told is normal it twice a day with pure tea tree oil...not surgical spirit as i was told to use with all my other piercings which were done at other places....and i have to take ibuprofen to help with the swelling!

As much as i love it the only bad points i can thing of off the top of my head is that as its a cartilage piercing it takes up to 2 years to heal which isn't so great having to be incredibly careful when it comes to brushing my hair as it hurts like hell when i catch it and i also have to sleep on my left now which is hard :\ 

Tbh i think ill stop now with 8 piercings...3 in the left ear and 5 in the right...i dont fancy getting piercings anywhere else on my body as im just a bit of a loser when it comes to pain!! 

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