Thursday, 9 June 2011

Funked Up Nails

I have really rubbishy nails...they grow to a certain hardly long length then split and break and i have to cut them down to being all short & stubby...not cool..... i've been in two minds about getting acrylics for while now as i reaally miss having them long but they would make my nails worse than when i started!

On a trip to Savers these little beauts caught my eye!.....
Elegant Touch Limited edition Funked up false nails at the lovely price of £3.99!!
In the packet you get 24 nails in 10 different sizes, glue and a glue buffer as it says on the back!
They come with a purple tip or a black/dark grey tip..both were nice but i picked the purple as its something a bit different! 
Before...yes they are not nice but i LOVE Barry Ms Peach Melba Nail polish!!
After....instant acrylic like nails!!  I struggled a bit with organising them all to see what fit where ...mainly because im incredibly clumsy and kept knocking them allover the place...sticking them on was the easy part!!

They are a tad longer than i does say on the packet but i failed to notice till after i stuck them makes typing on my Blackberry harder than normal but its not the end of the world!

I did end up with a few air bubbles underneath ... not sure if thats due to applying more pressure on some parts more than others or the shape of my own nails!

So far i've had them on for 3 days and only had to re-stick two! The only bad thing i can pick out right now is that due to the purple only being painted onto the nail with general wear & tare it does show signs of fading/chipping so i do suggest applying a top coat to the nails if you plan on investing in i didnt i just painted over mine so i now have lovely red nails :D 

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  1. They look good and I do use a top coat to make these last for up to a week.:D

    ***** Marie *****