Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oh So Special Look

Popped out for a well overdue catch up with the girls on the weekend and just as i was about to leave the house i remembered snapped a pic of my make up ...i really need to get into the habit of doing this more often as sometimes some of my less thought about looks are my best ones!

As i was in a rush i only really got one good pic but its better than nothing :D

Product list...
  • UD PP in Sin
  • NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
  • Sleek Oh So Special Palette...Organza, Ribbon, Celebrate, Gateau & Bow
  • Benefit magic ink liquid eyeliner
  • Clinique high impact mascara

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sleek Molten Metal Eyeshadow Duo

I never bothered to buy the Molten Metal eyeshadow duo when it was originally released, i wasn't honestly that excited by it but then once all the blog/youtube reviews came out i was slightly gutted that i didn't get it when i had the chance..

To my surprise i spotted it back on the shelves in superdrug priced at £6.99...so i snapped it up straight away :D

Sleek Say...Molten Metal is a highly pigmented metallic cream eyeshadow duo.
The palette consists of 2 gloriously rich and highly pigmented metallic creams that ignite the skin with intensity. The formulation is soft and fluid-like allowing easy application.

Pewter, Gold Leaf 
Both colours are creamy to the touch and very nicely pigmented ....i have not got round to testing these for myself yet but from what i've read up on these hold well with/without primer and with shadow on top... im guessing it will just be what works best for the individual...i reckon i would most probably need a primer underneath as i can sometimes have quite oily lids causing shadows to crease more.

Who else has the molten metal eyeshadow duo? what do you find works best for you?

Thursday, 23 June 2011

New Piercing

So if your Anti-piercing/squeamish you may not want to bother reading this post i just thought id share it with you all try get a bit of variation going on my blog ....

Last Saturday i finally decided to get that scaffold bar across the top of my ear which ive been putting off getting for too dam long now!!
My friend said she wanted to get her tongue pierced again..so yes its done twice and it looks pretty cool...she wanted somebody to come along and i thought seen as i was going i might aswel get mine done too :D

Its not looking soo great in the pic...my ear is still swollen and a bit bruised now too which i've been told is normal ....cleaning it twice a day with pure tea tree oil...not surgical spirit as i was told to use with all my other piercings which were done at other places....and i have to take ibuprofen to help with the swelling!

As much as i love it the only bad points i can thing of off the top of my head is that as its a cartilage piercing it takes up to 2 years to heal which isn't so great ...im having to be incredibly careful when it comes to brushing my hair as it hurts like hell when i catch it and i also have to sleep on my left now which is hard :\ 

Tbh i think ill stop now with 8 piercings...3 in the left ear and 5 in the right...i dont fancy getting piercings anywhere else on my body as im just a bit of a loser when it comes to pain!! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sleek Oh So Special Palette

Whilst out with a friend in Saturday i popped into Superdrug whilst passing to see if they had the blush 'Santorini' from Sleeks new Mediterranean collection ....Sadly they didn't but then to my surprise my eyes landed on a palette that i did not own or know anything about AND it was the last packaged one on the shelf ..apart from the tester! (meant to be or what!!) so being the complete mad Sleek addict that i am i grabbed and purchased without a second thought :D

Curious to know all about this unknown 'Oh So Special' palette i got my google on later in the evening and with very little to go by i found that its a palette made exclusively for European Sephora.!!... But as most of the reviews are in other languages it didn't really help me get any more information about it :\
The outside packaging is rather pretty followed by the actual palette which is the standard black design like most of the others!
It is a fairly neutral palette with some nice peachy/pink shades it has 5 shimmer & 7 matt shadows and would be great for simple daytime looks or some nice simple evening looks....i personally think its very similar to the Storm palette wich is probably my favourite go to palette for a simple neutral look...maybe this will take its place?!

Top Row L-R ... Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate
Bottom Row L-R... Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir
Im glad the matt shades in this palette aren't too chalky like some in the past have been, combined with the gorgeous shimmer eyeshadows in this palette i can see some lovely looks being produced and i cant wait till i have a free night to get started!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Monaco Palette Look 2

This look was originally suppost to look completely different but as i was slightly rushing it i really messed it up and when it came to fixing it i was pretty impressed with the finished results so i hope you like!...

Product list....

  • Mac paint pot in Coral Crepe 
  • Sleek monaco palette Kiwi zest, Washed ashore, Sunset, Midnight garden, Moors treasure
  • MUA shade 1 & 7
  • Clinique high impact mascara
  • Benefit magic ink l/e

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Monaco Palette Look 1

My younger sister asked has asked me to do some make up for her this weekend using these sort of colours as she's getting dressed up for her college art show and heres what i came up with ....
Me being me had to make the look so much more big & bold than what she actually wanted...i dont think she would ever wear anything so in your face but it doesnt bother me one bit :)

  • UD PP 
  • NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
  • Sleek Monaco Palette - Magenta madness, summer breeze, moors treasure, washed ashore, bamboo
  • Mua shade 1
  • Benefit bad gal mascara 
  • Benefit magic ink L/E

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sleek Make-up Monaco Palette

Heres another little beauty from sleek make ups new Mediterranean collection... the Monaco eyeshadow palette....There is also a pout polish & a blush in this collection...the pout polish i was not very fussed about but i was most disappointed i couldn't get hold of the blush as it looks amazing so i will try see if i can purchase it online!!!
I know i am probably rather late with this one as ive seen tonnes of reviews on this palette already so ill try keep it as short as i can :)  

Selling for £7.00 at most superdrug stores nationwide and online!! 
It comes in the usual black packaging with the big mirror on the inside lid and sponge tip applicator...which i never ever keep......they should maybe do like urban decay and put an eyeliner in?
I say this every time but i really with they would make each one a little bit different..the boxes they come in look lovely so it would be nice to have that design on the actual palette case making it easier to tell them all apart.

This palette consists of 7 matt and 5 shimmer eyeshadows, apart from bamboo and sand walker which are barely visible on my skin tone as you can see below, they are all incredibly gorgeous and very pigmented as always... i have to say this is high up on my favourite palettes to date and already have a few looks to post up over the next week or so!! :D 
L-R Bamboo, Aquamarine, Midnight Garden, Sunset, Washed Ashore, Magenta Madness,
Summer Breeze, Sand Walker, Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower, Humming Bird, Moors Treasure. 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Funked Up Nails

I have really rubbishy nails...they grow to a certain hardly long length then split and break and i have to cut them down to being all short & stubby...not cool..... i've been in two minds about getting acrylics for while now as i reaally miss having them long but they would make my nails worse than when i started!

On a trip to Savers these little beauts caught my eye!.....
Elegant Touch Limited edition Funked up false nails at the lovely price of £3.99!!
In the packet you get 24 nails in 10 different sizes, glue and a glue buffer as it says on the back!
They come with a purple tip or a black/dark grey tip..both were nice but i picked the purple as its something a bit different! 
Before...yes they are not nice but i LOVE Barry Ms Peach Melba Nail polish!!
After....instant acrylic like nails!!  I struggled a bit with organising them all to see what fit where ...mainly because im incredibly clumsy and kept knocking them allover the place...sticking them on was the easy part!!

They are a tad longer than i expected...it does say on the packet but i failed to notice till after i stuck them on...it makes typing on my Blackberry harder than normal but its not the end of the world!

I did end up with a few air bubbles underneath ... not sure if thats due to applying more pressure on some parts more than others or the shape of my own nails!

So far i've had them on for 3 days and only had to re-stick two! The only bad thing i can pick out right now is that due to the purple only being painted onto the nail with general wear & tare it does show signs of fading/chipping so i do suggest applying a top coat to the nails if you plan on investing in some.....as i didnt i just painted over mine so i now have lovely red nails :D