Friday, 8 April 2011

Hair style of the day :)

I like to spend some time each morning making an effort for work but a lot of the time i can be quite rused so when i do i dont always get the chance to take pictures but today as i was super pleased with how my hair turned out i snapped a couple of pics whilst at work. 

Apologies as they were taken on the front camera of my iphone4...yes its not the greatest but its better than nothing and i will try take a few more as im pushed for time on an evening to do looks! 

I get it trimmed every 6 weeks but it usually just gets tied back for work as its at that length were its too short to do the amazing things id like to with it as once i straighten it i find it falls pretty flat.

The night before i blow dried my hair upside down to give it extra big volume then just curled random big chunks with my straighteners in the morning :D 

i wear glasses all the time but just took them off for the above pic :)

Theres no good pic of the eyes but i just kept them simple using the Urban decay Naked palette and some liquid eyeliner.

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