Thursday, 17 March 2011

Viva Glam Gaga 2

I Purchased the original Viva Glam Gaga around this time last year when it first came out and i LOOvE it so much.. so when i read a few months ago that there would be another i was rather excited..

In all honesty i will admit that i was slightly disappointed at this being a nude lipstick as there are already alot on the market and was in two minds about whether i would buy this or not...finding myself at my local Mac to purchase some brush cleanser, which i must add they didnt have any in stock...Never good!!... Soo i found myself purchasing this beauty instead.
You get 3g of product for £13.50...not the cheapest on the market but i love Mac lipstick so i dont mind paying that little bit more...The formula is nice & not too drying on my lips when wearing it throughout the day.
The only problem i find that i personally have with it is that when i apply it onto my lips straight away it does look a tinge too dark for my skin tone so i just have to apply a very light layer and with most nude lipsticks it looks gr eat with almost any gloss over it.
I road tested it the other evening whilst out with a few friends and found i got around 3-4 hours wear as i dont put much on and i do get a lot longer wear from all my other mac lipsticks when i apply more! 

wether ill purchase a back up of this like i did with the original i do not know i guess only time will tell but i am fairly pleased with this purchase :) 

On another note i am flying to Dublin tomorrow morning at stupid o'clock for 2 nights so there will not be any posts from me for a few days ....i thought id leave you all one last message so you dont think i've just abandoned my blog 
So whatever you get up to this weekend i hope you all have a good time and stay safe!! x


  1. It looks very pretty but I think it might be too pale to suit my already super pale skintone z=

  2. it looks pretty but i am scared is too pale for me like most of the nude lipsticks :)

  3. Hey I just gave you the Versatile Blog Award check out my blog for detail:)