Monday, 28 March 2011

Makeup Academy Lipgloss

RThese Lovelies caught my eye the other day whilst in Superdrug so i picked up the two that really tickled my fancy...i think theres about 6 altogether. 
Shade 5 is a lovely shade of pink which i love, its great to wear over lipstick or by itself and has bits of gold glitter in it which i tried my best to capture in the swatch ...the glitter did have me in two minds about it but once its on the lips you barely notice its there.

Shade 4 is a very bronzed peach shade which is just as lovely on its own or over a lipstick, i choose to wear it over a nude colour as i think it adds that slight touch of warmth and gloss to it.

Shade 5 , Shade 4
Both shades are nicely say its something like marshmallows ... and they dont feel sticky at all once on the lips which is a big plus for me as its the main reason i stopped wearing lipgloss in the first place many years ago and i think these have finally swayed me back  :)

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