Sunday, 13 March 2011

Inexpensive Lashes

Well i am a SUCKER for a pretty pair of false eyelashes....No particular style, color, or shape....but if they look pretty and have a nice price too i just have to have them.... which does me i have a whole draw full of them.
.....well i have a slight secret to share with you all.... 

I cant actually stick them on myself but can put them
perfectly on other people :\ 
i know it all comes from practise as does most great things ...ill get there one day!
I just had to share another exciting find with you all :) which is..
Girls Aloud Festival lashes by Eylure which i found for just £1 a pair in Home Bargains!! WOOHOOO
Now these sell for £5.00 a pair in Superdrug ...These lashes have been on sale since last summer-ish, correct me if im wrong,  when i first seen them i wasn't particularly excited...yes they are pretty but they weren't a must have for the collection but when i seen them for that price i thought it would be kinda silly to pass on the opportunity!
I got 2 pairs of Kimberly's lashes, Sarah's and Cheryl's....the only other ones were Nadine's and i didn't like those ones at all...for some reason they didn't have Nicola's but im pretty happy with what i picked up :) 

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  1. Ah no! I missed my chance to pop into home bargains, Grrr! Although, I must admit I don't think I've seen make-up or eyelashes there. :( Lucky You :P