Friday, 4 March 2011

Cliniqe & Benefit Smalll Haul

I have no issue at all with shopping inexpensive, i dont do cheap lol, but every now and again i like to treat myself to a few higher priced items when i can afford to which isn't very often at all so heres two things i picked up on my last trip to boots.
I Originally got a small sample size of Cliniques High impact mascara when they did their mascara swap a month or two ago and have since then been pretty much in makes my lashes look AMAZING without having to apply too many at £15.00 i understand it not one of the biggest bargains going and theres plenty other cheaper mascaras which probably work just as well maybe even better but each to their own! 
ive had a long history of not quite getting along with liquid eyeliner but its true to say alot of practice almost makes perfect...i can have quite unsteady hands and im incredibly clumsy which doesnt help at all but then one day my friend said 'do my eyeliner for me' and passed me a bottle of Benefits Magic Ink and to my amazement it turned out pretty flawless so without a second thought i went and invested in my own ... unfortunately ive lost the receipt so dont have a clue as to the exact price but i think its also around the £15 mark! 

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