Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Holiday Packing Help!

So im off to Dublin on Friday only going for a weekend but i am still VERY excited ..
Thing is no matter where im going or how long for i ALWAYS leave my packing to the last minute i simply refuse to do it any other time as i always end up pulling things back out my case...

One thing i really struggle with is light packing...ill always throw something extra in on a 'just in case' basis and when i get back im like 'Why the hell did i bother' just rubbish at it!

I've picked up a few handy tips recently so i thought as its coming up to holiday season id do a post about it  where everyone can throw in their own ideas and help each other out so here goes :)

  • Instead of buying travel sized products ...shampoos/conditioner/shower gel etc... I have a set of empty travel sized bottles and just put the products i use into them and if theres any left over i just put it back into the original bottles when i get back home :)
  • I read somewhere that putting your underwear/swimwear into a pair of tights squashes them up leaving more room in your case for other things :) 
  • Another thing i picked up from the AMAZING Petrilude a few weeks ago on Youtube is to put non slip matting in your palettes and it keeps everything safe and in place whilst you travel 
  • I have an electric toothbrush and its quite big & bulky to pack with the charger and i ALWAYS forget it so i've got into the habit of having a pack of spare ones lying around and then there always the first thing in!
so i know i dont have loads right now i've had a bit of a brain fart :\ but feel free to add suggestions in the comments :D

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  1. im so terrible at packing (even worse at unpacking) but one thing i always do is make sure all the things i might need during transit, or as soon as i get there, are on top or in side pockets - saves you ferreting around! the littel bottles you decantered stuff into, they didnt have a spray one did they? if so where did you get it from because my perfume bottle is boken!! x