Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Got2b review

Ive been on the look out for some of the Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel for a while so i was very excited when i seen it in Savers for just £1.99!! YES!! Complete Bargain i know and i also picked up a bottle of the Glued blasting freeze spray which was also £1.99! 

Guardian Angel...
Offers upto 220C heat protection for use with blow dryers & flat irons! The cheapest i found this was at savers and seen both products for around the £4 mark at superdrug! 
Ive been using this for around a week and a half now and so far im very impressed! For starters it smells pretty lush ..almost like some fruity kind of aftershave.
I spray it onto my hair whilst damp as instructed on the bottle and blow dry as normal, I usually have the issue of my hair being too soft to handle and frizzier after its been washed, even though the naked rescue shampoo & conditioner have dramatically calmed down the frizz, it seems to make my hair more controlled without taking away the softness or feeling like its caked in product.
I also spray a slight bit more onto my hair once it is dry if i am going to straighten it but i find if i use too much then it takes away the shine of my hair and kinda makes it feel abit dry! 

Blasting freeze spray...
It says...Create scandalously strong hold or fix the results of the styling you have already created with got2b...also in the extra tips it states.. for maximum effect, use got2b glued spiking glue in your wet hair and fix it with got2b glued blasting freeze spray....Tbh i dont fancy putting that much product on my hair and I kind of get the impression this is mainly for shorter hair styles?!
This one also smells pretty fruity similar to the guardian angel but more fruity if you get what i mean?
I find this great for adding texture to my hair when its looking slightly flat and lifeless and it also helps to give it that messy look when its back combed a bit....

what its NOT good for is curls...when i go on a night out i usually curl all my hair and when i use Silvikrin hairspay like usual i find it holds all night without any problems what do ever....i tried this on friday night and after about 2 hours nearly all my curls had gone flat and it looked a complete mess so be warned!! do not make the same mistake i did!! 

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  1. I'm interested in Guardian Angel, might try it after I've used up my current thermal sprays. Thanks x