Saturday, 12 March 2011

Gosh and MUA Review

I had a short break at work the other day so i decided to pop into Superdrug to see if anything caught my eye and well you just know it did!
I dont own a lot from Gosh, an eyeshadow quad, trio and a couple of nail polishes be honest i cant really say they have much that catches my eye or excites me, yes they have some very nice products and from what i've heard/read they have a good name too but im not so 'OMGOSH I HAVE TO HAVE IT' with them... but when i noticed that their Extreme art eye liners were on sale for half price, £6.99 down to £3.49 for 3ml of product, at the time i didnt stop to think WHY..
Shade 13 is the Gold and Shade 12 is the green
Now to swatch they look great, they are very pigmented and look sooo bright which is what sold them to me in the first place but when i got them home and had a proper play i realised why they were on sale...

I find they are very thick for a liquid liner so its very hard to get a nice even slick line and as its so thick it looks VERY cakey and found once it had dried on my lid it felt very heavy, tight and uncomfortable...
Removing it was a whole different issue.. thankfully i only tested them on one eye which is now looking rather red from spending the last half hour almost having to scrub it off :\ 
Safe to say im most disappointed so DO NOT be fooled by the sale and pretty colours!! 
The next stand i got to was one that really is becoming a favourite, Superdrugs Make up academy :D
I dont own any lipsticks in this shade which id say is best described as a Raspberry kinda plum im not quite sure but its very pretty and for me its very wearable.
For the lovely price of £1 you get 3.8g of product compared to Mac who give you just 3g for £13.50!!
I tested it out at work the other day and i say i got about 3-4 hours wear from it as i've cut waaay down on the amount of tea i drink lol so i was pretty impressed by that!
It has a slight creamy fragrance to it that i cant say i've ever smelt before but its nothing unpleasant, Its taste free which is always a plus for me! I also found that it wasn't too drying on my lips which i have trouble with working in a cold shop all day long! I just wish they had a better colour range in their lipsticks because i own the only 3 that i like! 


  1. I like the nail polishes from gosh and the lipglosses. The eyeliners i never tried them before a shame you did not like them:)

  2. Oh no, shame you didn't get on with them, the green liner looks lovely xx

  3. ive got the blue gosh liner and oh em gee it was so hard to get off! it dries like plastic to your eyes!!! i had a faint blue tinge to my eyelids for days!!! really good if you dont want it to shift (EVER) but not for everyday wear! im not getting on brilliantly with MUA, ive tried a couple of their nail polishes so far, but you can just tell the quality isnt quite up to scratch unfortunately. glad youre getting on with the lippys though - i think im a convert after my last post!!!