Thursday, 31 March 2011

Avon True Colour Blush

I ordered this blush from my Avon rep a good few weeks ago and completely forgot about it by the time it arrived so when i had a look i was a bit like.....'you ordered a blush this colour because....?' The colour is ALOT darker than anything i would normally go for so i thought id have to give it a try.

This is a True colour blush in 'Russet' ... as it was on offer when i ordered it i got it for the nice price of£4 for 6g...... to buy it online HERE it is currently priced at £6
Avon says....'Incredibly smooth & easy to blend blush with a soft silky texture'

I find the texture is very smooth and blends easily .... it is a tad too dark for my skin tone and would be more suited to somebody with warmer tones than me .....but its a colour that can be applied lightly for a very slight touch of colour then built up the desired effect. 

It comes with a compact mirror & a brush which i wont be using any time soon as with most brushes that come with a product its pretty rubbish and feels very rough when trying to blend the blush into my skin!...not nice at all!!  

Would i buy another? ....No i doubt i would as Avon only have this blush in two other colours and i wouldn't say its absolutely amazingly better than any other blush i own but i recommend it if your looking for an inexpensive purchase!

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