Thursday, 31 March 2011

Avon True Colour Blush

I ordered this blush from my Avon rep a good few weeks ago and completely forgot about it by the time it arrived so when i had a look i was a bit like.....'you ordered a blush this colour because....?' The colour is ALOT darker than anything i would normally go for so i thought id have to give it a try.

This is a True colour blush in 'Russet' ... as it was on offer when i ordered it i got it for the nice price of£4 for 6g...... to buy it online HERE it is currently priced at £6
Avon says....'Incredibly smooth & easy to blend blush with a soft silky texture'

I find the texture is very smooth and blends easily .... it is a tad too dark for my skin tone and would be more suited to somebody with warmer tones than me .....but its a colour that can be applied lightly for a very slight touch of colour then built up the desired effect. 

It comes with a compact mirror & a brush which i wont be using any time soon as with most brushes that come with a product its pretty rubbish and feels very rough when trying to blend the blush into my skin!...not nice at all!!  

Would i buy another? ....No i doubt i would as Avon only have this blush in two other colours and i wouldn't say its absolutely amazingly better than any other blush i own but i recommend it if your looking for an inexpensive purchase!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Makeup Academy Lipgloss

RThese Lovelies caught my eye the other day whilst in Superdrug so i picked up the two that really tickled my fancy...i think theres about 6 altogether. 
Shade 5 is a lovely shade of pink which i love, its great to wear over lipstick or by itself and has bits of gold glitter in it which i tried my best to capture in the swatch ...the glitter did have me in two minds about it but once its on the lips you barely notice its there.

Shade 4 is a very bronzed peach shade which is just as lovely on its own or over a lipstick, i choose to wear it over a nude colour as i think it adds that slight touch of warmth and gloss to it.

Shade 5 , Shade 4
Both shades are nicely say its something like marshmallows ... and they dont feel sticky at all once on the lips which is a big plus for me as its the main reason i stopped wearing lipgloss in the first place many years ago and i think these have finally swayed me back  :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Viva Glam Gaga 2

I Purchased the original Viva Glam Gaga around this time last year when it first came out and i LOOvE it so much.. so when i read a few months ago that there would be another i was rather excited..

In all honesty i will admit that i was slightly disappointed at this being a nude lipstick as there are already alot on the market and was in two minds about whether i would buy this or not...finding myself at my local Mac to purchase some brush cleanser, which i must add they didnt have any in stock...Never good!!... Soo i found myself purchasing this beauty instead.
You get 3g of product for £13.50...not the cheapest on the market but i love Mac lipstick so i dont mind paying that little bit more...The formula is nice & not too drying on my lips when wearing it throughout the day.
The only problem i find that i personally have with it is that when i apply it onto my lips straight away it does look a tinge too dark for my skin tone so i just have to apply a very light layer and with most nude lipsticks it looks gr eat with almost any gloss over it.
I road tested it the other evening whilst out with a few friends and found i got around 3-4 hours wear as i dont put much on and i do get a lot longer wear from all my other mac lipsticks when i apply more! 

wether ill purchase a back up of this like i did with the original i do not know i guess only time will tell but i am fairly pleased with this purchase :) 

On another note i am flying to Dublin tomorrow morning at stupid o'clock for 2 nights so there will not be any posts from me for a few days ....i thought id leave you all one last message so you dont think i've just abandoned my blog 
So whatever you get up to this weekend i hope you all have a good time and stay safe!! x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Holiday Packing Help!

So im off to Dublin on Friday only going for a weekend but i am still VERY excited ..
Thing is no matter where im going or how long for i ALWAYS leave my packing to the last minute i simply refuse to do it any other time as i always end up pulling things back out my case...

One thing i really struggle with is light packing...ill always throw something extra in on a 'just in case' basis and when i get back im like 'Why the hell did i bother' just rubbish at it!

I've picked up a few handy tips recently so i thought as its coming up to holiday season id do a post about it  where everyone can throw in their own ideas and help each other out so here goes :)

  • Instead of buying travel sized products ...shampoos/conditioner/shower gel etc... I have a set of empty travel sized bottles and just put the products i use into them and if theres any left over i just put it back into the original bottles when i get back home :)
  • I read somewhere that putting your underwear/swimwear into a pair of tights squashes them up leaving more room in your case for other things :) 
  • Another thing i picked up from the AMAZING Petrilude a few weeks ago on Youtube is to put non slip matting in your palettes and it keeps everything safe and in place whilst you travel 
  • I have an electric toothbrush and its quite big & bulky to pack with the charger and i ALWAYS forget it so i've got into the habit of having a pack of spare ones lying around and then there always the first thing in!
so i know i dont have loads right now i've had a bit of a brain fart :\ but feel free to add suggestions in the comments :D

Monday, 14 March 2011

St Patricks day look 2

It got to about 11pm last night and instead of going to bed like i should've as i was incredibly tired i decided to do some more St Patricks themed make up and this is what i came up with..

Now as much as i like the colour scheme when it came to the morning after i wasn't that impressed and i knew i could do better so today i did :)  

Okay so i've been told its a bit more tropical looking than a 'normal' st Patricks look but its the same colour scheme so i had some fun with it :D if i was to do the look again i think id have to add some the time it felt okay not to but to look at the pics i feel its a bit incomplete! 

I kept it as easy as i could to re-create both looks and used the same products for both 
  • Urban decay primer potion in sin
  • Mac paint pot in Coral crepe as the lid colour base
  • Coastal Scents 88 ultra shimmer palette red in the tear duct & Greens for above the crease
  • Sleek sunset palette Orange on the middle of the lid & gold on the outer corner
  • Sleek ink pot in wave as a base for the green
  • MUA shade 1 as a highlight 
  • No7 intense volume mascara

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Inexpensive Lashes

Well i am a SUCKER for a pretty pair of false eyelashes....No particular style, color, or shape....but if they look pretty and have a nice price too i just have to have them.... which does me i have a whole draw full of them.
.....well i have a slight secret to share with you all.... 

I cant actually stick them on myself but can put them
perfectly on other people :\ 
i know it all comes from practise as does most great things ...ill get there one day!
I just had to share another exciting find with you all :) which is..
Girls Aloud Festival lashes by Eylure which i found for just £1 a pair in Home Bargains!! WOOHOOO
Now these sell for £5.00 a pair in Superdrug ...These lashes have been on sale since last summer-ish, correct me if im wrong,  when i first seen them i wasn't particularly excited...yes they are pretty but they weren't a must have for the collection but when i seen them for that price i thought it would be kinda silly to pass on the opportunity!
I got 2 pairs of Kimberly's lashes, Sarah's and Cheryl's....the only other ones were Nadine's and i didn't like those ones at all...for some reason they didn't have Nicola's but im pretty happy with what i picked up :) 

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Gosh and MUA Review

I had a short break at work the other day so i decided to pop into Superdrug to see if anything caught my eye and well you just know it did!
I dont own a lot from Gosh, an eyeshadow quad, trio and a couple of nail polishes be honest i cant really say they have much that catches my eye or excites me, yes they have some very nice products and from what i've heard/read they have a good name too but im not so 'OMGOSH I HAVE TO HAVE IT' with them... but when i noticed that their Extreme art eye liners were on sale for half price, £6.99 down to £3.49 for 3ml of product, at the time i didnt stop to think WHY..
Shade 13 is the Gold and Shade 12 is the green
Now to swatch they look great, they are very pigmented and look sooo bright which is what sold them to me in the first place but when i got them home and had a proper play i realised why they were on sale...

I find they are very thick for a liquid liner so its very hard to get a nice even slick line and as its so thick it looks VERY cakey and found once it had dried on my lid it felt very heavy, tight and uncomfortable...
Removing it was a whole different issue.. thankfully i only tested them on one eye which is now looking rather red from spending the last half hour almost having to scrub it off :\ 
Safe to say im most disappointed so DO NOT be fooled by the sale and pretty colours!! 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Free Estee Lauder Mascara!!!

So my mother has just barged into my room and handed me a page torn out of her Woman&Home magazine... If it wasn't for her i wouldn't have known a thing about this so i thought it best to share with my readers as personally i hate it when i miss out on nice little things like this :)
Apologies on the poor quality picture i snapped it in a hurry on my iPhone
How To Claim....
Basically get yourself a copy of Woman&Home...Get that page.. and take it to your nearest Estee Lauder counter at House Of Fraiser nationwide where you will be treated to a fabulous eye makeover and a receive a 2.8ml deluxe travel size Sumptuous Extreme Mascara and this offer is available until 10th April  while stocks last!! :) 

St Patricks day look

I know its not till next week but as im going to be in Dublin for St Patricks weekend i am feeling ooh just VERY FLIPPIN EXCITED!!!

So obviously a look was in order ....Ive decided over the next week ill try do a few depending on how i manage with time, the first one is very simple not alot to it at all really but i plan try make each one a bit more dramatic than the previous one just to keep things interesting :) so i hope you enjoy! :D

  • Mac Beige-ing shade stick as a base
  • MUA shade 1 in the tear duct & as a highlight  
  • Sleek original palette gold on the inner 1/4 
  • MUA shade 5 on the middle of the lid
  • Sleek original palette green on the outer V & crease colour 
  • Benefit Magic ink liquid eyeliner 
  • Urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in Zero
  • Clinique high impact mascara 
  • Benefit erase paste in fair 
  • Clinique superbalanced foundation in fair
  • Laura mercier loose setting powder
  • Mac harmony blush as a contour 
  • Mac ripe peach blush
  • Bobby brown shimmer brick in pink quartz as a highlight 
  • Mac viva glam V lipstick 
  • Mac viva glam V lipglass 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Got2b review

Ive been on the look out for some of the Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel for a while so i was very excited when i seen it in Savers for just £1.99!! YES!! Complete Bargain i know and i also picked up a bottle of the Glued blasting freeze spray which was also £1.99! 

Guardian Angel...
Offers upto 220C heat protection for use with blow dryers & flat irons! The cheapest i found this was at savers and seen both products for around the £4 mark at superdrug! 
Ive been using this for around a week and a half now and so far im very impressed! For starters it smells pretty lush ..almost like some fruity kind of aftershave.
I spray it onto my hair whilst damp as instructed on the bottle and blow dry as normal, I usually have the issue of my hair being too soft to handle and frizzier after its been washed, even though the naked rescue shampoo & conditioner have dramatically calmed down the frizz, it seems to make my hair more controlled without taking away the softness or feeling like its caked in product.
I also spray a slight bit more onto my hair once it is dry if i am going to straighten it but i find if i use too much then it takes away the shine of my hair and kinda makes it feel abit dry! 

Blasting freeze spray...
It says...Create scandalously strong hold or fix the results of the styling you have already created with got2b...also in the extra tips it states.. for maximum effect, use got2b glued spiking glue in your wet hair and fix it with got2b glued blasting freeze spray....Tbh i dont fancy putting that much product on my hair and I kind of get the impression this is mainly for shorter hair styles?!
This one also smells pretty fruity similar to the guardian angel but more fruity if you get what i mean?
I find this great for adding texture to my hair when its looking slightly flat and lifeless and it also helps to give it that messy look when its back combed a bit....

what its NOT good for is curls...when i go on a night out i usually curl all my hair and when i use Silvikrin hairspay like usual i find it holds all night without any problems what do ever....i tried this on friday night and after about 2 hours nearly all my curls had gone flat and it looked a complete mess so be warned!! do not make the same mistake i did!! 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Had a good night out in leeds for my friends 21st birthday on friday night, the club we went to was having a 'wear white and get in cheaper' night so i opted for a white dress coated in sequins so i thought id add a bit more colour to the eyes than what i normally do and went for a smokey teal green look  :)
Unfortunately i was in abit of a rush as i had to be at my friends house to do other peoples make up and only managed to  snap a few pics of my make up most of them turning out kinda crappy so the next day i got my best friend over and recreated the same look on her!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

lazy day look

Well i was having a really lazy kinda afternoon not doing anything productive whatsoever when my dad said 'lets all go out for a meal' we weren't going anywhere amazingly fancy just a nice indian place not too far from my house so i put my hair into a messy bun and reached for the make up :) i kept it nice and simple ...browns/neutrals are always my one go to colour when i need to do a quick look and as i was wearing a beige jumper i added a flash of colour!  

  • Urban Decay primer potion in sin as a base
  • Revlon eyeshadow in Nude slip
  • Urban decay eyeshadow in darkhorse
  • MUA eyeshadow shade 12 & 8
  • Benefit magic in liquid eyeliner
  • Urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in zero 
  • Clinique high impact mascara

Friday, 4 March 2011

Cliniqe & Benefit Smalll Haul

I have no issue at all with shopping inexpensive, i dont do cheap lol, but every now and again i like to treat myself to a few higher priced items when i can afford to which isn't very often at all so heres two things i picked up on my last trip to boots.
I Originally got a small sample size of Cliniques High impact mascara when they did their mascara swap a month or two ago and have since then been pretty much in makes my lashes look AMAZING without having to apply too many at £15.00 i understand it not one of the biggest bargains going and theres plenty other cheaper mascaras which probably work just as well maybe even better but each to their own! 
ive had a long history of not quite getting along with liquid eyeliner but its true to say alot of practice almost makes perfect...i can have quite unsteady hands and im incredibly clumsy which doesnt help at all but then one day my friend said 'do my eyeliner for me' and passed me a bottle of Benefits Magic Ink and to my amazement it turned out pretty flawless so without a second thought i went and invested in my own ... unfortunately ive lost the receipt so dont have a clue as to the exact price but i think its also around the £15 mark!