Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mini Haul :)

I had a quiet afternoon at work so i decided to go for a wander round a few shops to see if i could pick up any nice bargains and even though its not the most exciting haul thats ever been done i thought id share with you all anyway  :) 

 My first stop was at superdrug... ive been looking out for a nice matt purple eyeshadow so i picked up shade 18, in the pan and swatched it looks rather bright but it is sadly rather chalky and has to be packed on quite a bit when used for it to really show...i also picked up shade 13 which is one i used to own and accidentally dropped and it shattered beyond repair, its a gorgeous rich shade of purple which in certain lights looks black and it makes a great smokey eye! For £1 you cant really go wrong with certain MUA eyeshadows. 

**UPDATE**27/2/11 ...after many attempts at using shade 18 it is pretty impossible to work soon as i try to blend any colour with it it takes it all off :\ even when used with a primer!! not a good buy at all!!
Superdrug have an offer on in stores right now..when you buy any two bottles of Coca Cola you get two limited edition MUA nail polishes...NOTE!!! its costs £2.38 for two bottles of coke, i went into a different superdrug yesterday and seen they had the polish sets available to purchase for £1.99 so it works out cheaper to just buy the polishes if like me thats all you wanted ....there are three sets to choose from and i got the brighter one of the three which contains a pink & a very pretty deep pink/coral kinda shade.

Due to an incident involving some hair dye i had to cut my nails short and they are slowly re-growing so i refuse to show any pics of this polish on my horrible short stubby nails...i figured an easy short term solution would be to pick up some nail tips and use those...sadly they didn't have any natural ones but i can at least give a general idea of what you get :)

Both polishes are fully opaque with 2 coats and i was very impressed with how smoothly applies and its not too runny or thick, you get 6.2ml of product which isn't a bad size for the price id say if anything i just kinda struggled abit with the size of the brush/handle as its alot smaller than what im used to but i will definitely look into buying more!

I am a BIIG fan of Barry M nail polish and pretty much own almost all what they have :\ so when i by chance had a nosey on my way past the stand and noticed this beauty i had to have it. Its named 'Dusky Mauve' costing just £2.99 it and you get 10ml which is the same as Mac nail lacquer just less money :) 

Its a very dull shade of mushroomy brown with a slight hint of purple and sadly its kinda hard to capture in pics ...i found it too be rather thin and looked a bit streaky with one coat but its fine with two definitely my new favourite polish :D

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