Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Make Me Blush!!

As you may or may not have guessed from previous posts im currently building up my make up kit and my portfolio.. 
Originally brushes weren't exactly top of my list as i've been building up a pretty alright set of my own which are mainly Mac.
Day to day when im at work i very rarely wear make brushes get cleaned after every use and i do a deep clean every 2 weeks or so depending on the amount i use them so there in pretty good condition....using them on other people id have to wash them after every use for hygiene reasons and didn't really fancy putting my expensive ones through that which is when i went to check out sigma...As soon as i set my eyes on their 'Make Me' collection i knew it had to be!

They Say: The Sigma Beauty 'Make Me' collection was specially designed for a fun yet functional makeup application. the 'Make Me' collection is the ideal combination of high quality makeup brushes and beautiful colours. This kit contains our best selling complete kit with 12 essential brushes in an innovative and functional container that turns into 2 brush holders! Now you can be fashionable and stylish when creating your favourite looks, and keep your brushes organised while doing so! 

The collection consists of four different coloured brush sets all containing the same 12 brushes...Make Me ClassyMake Me CrazyMake Me Cool and well as its my favourite colour i just had to have Make Me Blush ......

(The Cat/Rabbit what ever it is on the box is just the cutest thing ever!!)
The Set consists of 5 Face brushes and 7 Eye brushes with the Names & purpose of the brush written on the handle in a rather pretty holographic print, In a quick comparison to Mac brushes the handles are slightly wider and the Sigma brushes are also longer but as i havn't had a chance to use them yet i cant really say how they hold up with shedding/quality wise so watch this space. 

Ive not been able to find anything on what the case is made from but im guessing from the smell that its coated in PVC and it is pretty dam surdy which makes it great for travelling with as you wont have to worry about your brushes being broken/damaged. Its honestly not as wide as i thought it was...its more oval shaped than circular and with all the brushes in it fills about 1/3 of the case so theres room for maybe a few more brushes if you wanted to add extra!

Ive noticed on a few peoples blogs that when you spend over $30 with Sigma you  receive a free gift, i wasnt aware of this until after my purchase as i seen no mention of it on the website ( knowing me it was right infront of my face) but im guessing this is what it is! Its only a travel sized brush so its easily lost in the big pot but it feels just as good quality as the rest of the brushes that came in the kit. 

Inside the packaging came cleaning instructions and a picture guide to every single brush provided in the kit explaining what each brush is used for and made from which i think its a very good extra to add i know it would've been nice to have when i first really got into make up!

These brush sets are available for purchase from the Sigma website HERE , They are priced at $99.00 in total, my package including the cheapest shipping cost me $116 which works out at a pretty good £72! ....Now im not doing this to badmouth Mac because i personally LOVE there brushes ...this is a simple comparison of the prices to show how good a deal this is!... If you were to buy these 12 brushes from Mac it would cost you £258.50!! i know theres no way in hell i could afford to get them all in one go with the budget im on!! 

Im pretty happy with my purchase and id say its a good buy for somebody looking for a set of brushes to get them started or as a present for a loved one :) 

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