Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Long Hair

Well i recently decided i've had enough of having just a tad shorter than shoulder length hair that isn't as long as i want it to be and isn't growing as fast as i would like so i went for the next best option... Hair extensions!
Sorry its not the greatest pic in the world but it gives you a rough idea of how long my hair is at this moment in time! 
Okay so i theres no way in hell i could afford proper extensions and after my best friend had them about a year ago they are way too much effort for my liking so i opted for the clip in variety as i can have long hair whenever i like and occasionally shorter too!  :) 

Now i do not have the packaging for these anymore so i cant tell you much about them apart from that they are 100% real human hair which is what you want to go for as its more natural looking and they are easily picked up at a variety of online stores or good hair shops.
I was originally going to get the 20" Extensions but decided they were just that little bit too long so i went for 18" instead and the colour i got was Jet Black.  They didn't have any with the clips already attached so i had to purchase those separately and stitch them on.... altogether it came to just under £40   

As i have pretty thick hair i found the sections to be a bit too thin for my hair so i had to then double them up to make them thick enough to look normal once clipped in :) heres a pic of how they look :)

I only took this picture using photobooth on my Mac as i didn't have my camera to hand at the time and it was very late at night this is just to give you a general idea on how they look and i will most probably be showing them in many more tutorials to come.

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