Saturday, 5 February 2011

Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette

About 3-4 weeks ago i started hunting around online for a good quality low cost concealer palette to add into my make up kit, i was already aware that coastal scents did a Camouflage palette so i thought i would check that out only to see they had released the eclipse palette. After a lot of deliberation, reading through and watching reviews i settled for the Eclipse palette!

I Ordered the palette and a shadow/liner pack of brush guards on January 21st and it arrived on January 31st, 10 from america isnt too bad at all, i ordered a few eye shadow palettes from Coastal scents a year or two ago and also had pretty quick delivery then so its always a plus! 

The Eclipse palette is sold for $14.95 on the website, using a random currency convertor it works out at around £9.44, All the prices on the website are displayed in US Dollars and the shipping is calculated on checkout before any payment is made! Altogether it cost me $27.45 or £17.33 which personally i dont think is too bad at all. 

It comes with 15 Concealer shades, 3 of them being corrective concealers and one is more of a shimmery highlighter. I must admit they are not as creamy as initially expected them to be and as i've been using it on myself since i received it i have found they are better applied with fingers rather than a brush as they are easier to work with and blend once slightly warmed. 

If anybody owns a coastal scents eyeshadow palette you will know what a pain the opening can sometimes be...i find it is anyway, well this palette has a slightly slanted egde on the front making it much easier to pull it open and id say it feels pretty secure once its shut!

The actual palette isn't very big at all, only 6"x4", i seen alot of people complain about the size saying its too small but i think its pretty nice & compact.
i thought id show it in comparison to a sleek eyeshadow palette cos if your anything like me measurements dont mean much to me unless i have it compared to something or have a tape measure to hand!!
Each pan is around the size of a Mac eyeshadow, maybe just a tiiiiny bit bigger, so not too small really but just big enough. 
In a lot of the reviews i read people were complaining because there was no mirror inside the lid like in the eyeshadow palettes but tbh im rather glad there isn't as the one in my 88 shimmer palette cracked when i was travelling with it one weekend and it just looks a bit of a mess and could possibly quite dangerous!

I swatched all 15 shades and as you can see it covers a wide range of skin tones and they are pretty easy mixed with one another which will help me out alot when it comes to doing some portfolio work. :D 

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