Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bargain Hunting

The town where i work is filled with nothing but what i like to call bargin shops such as Wilkinsons, Savers, Home Bargains ...you get the idea.
So when were having the occasional quiet afternoon i always go for a browse to see if theres any good deals i can pick up, Yes that really is as exciting as it gets!
Friday morning before i went to get my hair cut i stopped off at Savers and heres what i picked up..

My eyelash supply was looking a little low so i picked out a few extra pairs and at £1.99 each they are great to play around with and use for looks , the middle pair look very similar to a pair i got from Mac a few months ago, i find they always they always have a very good selection in store and though they may not be the best quality lashes on the market you cant really complain for the price!

After reading Beauty's Bad Habits review of Naked's Cocoa butter body cream i was pretty intrigued and figured as its only £1 if i happened to come across it on my travels i would pick up a bottle so i did :D
Now i am a big fan of Palmers cocoa butter and have used nothing else but that for many years and doubt i will ever stop using it but i think its safe to say i do quite love this stuff...i know i know its BODY cream but so far ive just used it for my hands ..
One job i love to do at home is washing up...theres 6 of us in one house so yeah you can imagine how much washing up there usually is after a big meal and that sadly does take its toll on my hands (i refuse to wear washing up gloves!) along with this lovely cold British weather!
I started using this moisturiser on friday and already i have noticed a massive difference they are sooo much softer than they have been for a long time!It smells pretty nice, soaks in to the skin much faster than cocoa butter and its not too thick or greasy either.
The only thing i dont like is how it kinda feels like its left a rubbery film on my hands of that makes any sense? Its hard to describe and rather strange but not enough to put me off it 

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