Thursday, 3 February 2011

Baking a cake!!

Yesterday my beautiful mother and I were left with the wonderfully fun task of babysitting my 3 going on 33 year old niece whilst her mother, my big sister, was at work!! 
In an attempt to keep her as busy and entertained as we possibly could i took a break from make up for a night and we decided to bake a cake!!

My Beautiful little helper who lost all interest in the whole cake baking process almost straight after i took the picture! :\
Super YUMMMM cake mix!!!

That was the recipe we followed incase anyone is curious!
We took a trip to the local shop to seek out come interesting decorative cake toppings and this was the best i could come up with...the plan in the end was to keep it simple!

Fresh out of the oven..took longer to bake than i expected it to though, about 40 minutes, as we put all the mix into one tin instead of two! 
Here is the finished masterpiece! we had alot of fun decorating it ...i did start it off with some order to it but my niece decided to just stick stuff allover it lol 
I just do not understand what 3 year old will not lick melted chocolate off her hands,out the bowl or off the spoon simply because it is too messy!!!!

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