Monday, 28 February 2011

Clinique Superbalanced foundation

 Ive been on the look out for some new foundation for a while now...i have a slightly oily Tzone and dryish cheeks so i often have the issue of all the moisture being sucked from the foundation around my cheeks and its not a good look....i tried tinted moisturiser which i do like and works very well but i prefer a little more coverage....soo as i was already going to buy some mascara i asked the lovely lady at the Clinique counter for some advice on what would be best for my skin so i went for the Superbalanced foundation.

They Say...The great equaliser for combination skin. Provides moisture and absorbs oil where needed. Minimises appearance of fine lines.Helps protect skin from environmental damage. Contains anti-irritants and antioxidants. Water resistant. Non-acnegenic and oil-free. Ophthalmologist tested.
The colour i purchased is Fair which i believe is the second lightest colour
             (Before after only 3 hours sleep!!) (After with a light concealer coverage & loose setting powder ontop)

At £20.48 for 30ml of product ...which is the same amount as Macs studio fix fluid for roughly £1 is what i would class as a little pricey as im on a limited budget every week but a little goes a long way which is always good!
Overall i can safely say i am very impressed, it gives a great amount of coverage and can easily be built up while having that barely there super light feeling on my skin which is great as i hate anything that feels heavy/cakey!! 
To pick one fault with this would be that it is in a glass bottle and has no pump so it can be a tad messy and when you think its empty theres always some that lines the edge of the bottle that is impossible to remove :(

I finished off the face with a slick of eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and Viva glam Cyndi lipglass... a very simple & easy every day look.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Just a simple neutral brown eye that i wore for an evening out with friends...ive got back into doing colourful looks lately but i just fancied something simple so i thought id snap a quick picture of the eye to share with you all...i was in a bit of a rush and there was only pic that turned our slightly okay so im sorry about that but i hope you like :) 

  • UD Primer potion in sin
  • Coastal Scents 88 warm palette 
  • Mac Black track fluid line
  • Clinique High impact mascara

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Smokey Purple

This is a look i did a few months ago in october for my best friends birthday when we went out for a few drinks...only problem was i didn't really take any proper pictures of my make up at the time so i've tried to re-create it as best and as simply as i can by making a few slight changes to what i think i originally did so i hope you like :)

  • Mac Beige-ing shade stick 
  • MUA eyeshadow Shade 4, 9, 13 & 1
  • Urban decay liquid eyeliner in perversion
  • Clinique high impact mascara
  • Eyelure Tokyo lashes - Hiroko 
  • Benefit erase paste- fair
  • collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation - Biscuit
  • Laura mercier loose setting powder
  • Sleek contour kit - light
  • Sleek blush - Scandalous 
  • Mac lipstick - Snob
  • No7 high shine lipgloss - Happy

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bargain Hunting

The town where i work is filled with nothing but what i like to call bargin shops such as Wilkinsons, Savers, Home Bargains get the idea.
So when were having the occasional quiet afternoon i always go for a browse to see if theres any good deals i can pick up, Yes that really is as exciting as it gets!
Friday morning before i went to get my hair cut i stopped off at Savers and heres what i picked up..

My eyelash supply was looking a little low so i picked out a few extra pairs and at £1.99 each they are great to play around with and use for looks , the middle pair look very similar to a pair i got from Mac a few months ago, i find they always they always have a very good selection in store and though they may not be the best quality lashes on the market you cant really complain for the price!

After reading Beauty's Bad Habits review of Naked's Cocoa butter body cream i was pretty intrigued and figured as its only £1 if i happened to come across it on my travels i would pick up a bottle so i did :D
Now i am a big fan of Palmers cocoa butter and have used nothing else but that for many years and doubt i will ever stop using it but i think its safe to say i do quite love this stuff...i know i know its BODY cream but so far ive just used it for my hands ..
One job i love to do at home is washing up...theres 6 of us in one house so yeah you can imagine how much washing up there usually is after a big meal and that sadly does take its toll on my hands (i refuse to wear washing up gloves!) along with this lovely cold British weather!
I started using this moisturiser on friday and already i have noticed a massive difference they are sooo much softer than they have been for a long time!It smells pretty nice, soaks in to the skin much faster than cocoa butter and its not too thick or greasy either.
The only thing i dont like is how it kinda feels like its left a rubbery film on my hands of that makes any sense? Its hard to describe and rather strange but not enough to put me off it 

Monday, 21 February 2011

Icy Blues

Due to the random snowfall on Friday night, which almost had my friend walking home in it, i woke up Saturday morning feeling rather inspired...everything seems so pretty and peaceful when its covered in snow so i just had to do a look to go with my mood and heres what i came up with. 

  • Urban Decay primer potion in Sin. 
  • Coastal Scents 88 ultra shimmer palette.
  • MUA shade 1
  • Urban Decay liquid eyeliner in Perversion.
  • Avon Supershock macara.
  • Barry M kohl pencil 13.
  • Coastal Scents Eclipse concealer palette.
  • Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation in Biscuit.
  • Laura Mercier loose setting powder.
  • Mac Harmony blush.
  • Mac Ripe peach blush.
  • Body Shop high shine lip treatment - Perfectly Pink.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mini Haul :)

I had a quiet afternoon at work so i decided to go for a wander round a few shops to see if i could pick up any nice bargains and even though its not the most exciting haul thats ever been done i thought id share with you all anyway  :) 

 My first stop was at superdrug... ive been looking out for a nice matt purple eyeshadow so i picked up shade 18, in the pan and swatched it looks rather bright but it is sadly rather chalky and has to be packed on quite a bit when used for it to really show...i also picked up shade 13 which is one i used to own and accidentally dropped and it shattered beyond repair, its a gorgeous rich shade of purple which in certain lights looks black and it makes a great smokey eye! For £1 you cant really go wrong with certain MUA eyeshadows. 

**UPDATE**27/2/11 ...after many attempts at using shade 18 it is pretty impossible to work soon as i try to blend any colour with it it takes it all off :\ even when used with a primer!! not a good buy at all!!
Superdrug have an offer on in stores right now..when you buy any two bottles of Coca Cola you get two limited edition MUA nail polishes...NOTE!!! its costs £2.38 for two bottles of coke, i went into a different superdrug yesterday and seen they had the polish sets available to purchase for £1.99 so it works out cheaper to just buy the polishes if like me thats all you wanted ....there are three sets to choose from and i got the brighter one of the three which contains a pink & a very pretty deep pink/coral kinda shade.

Due to an incident involving some hair dye i had to cut my nails short and they are slowly re-growing so i refuse to show any pics of this polish on my horrible short stubby nails...i figured an easy short term solution would be to pick up some nail tips and use those...sadly they didn't have any natural ones but i can at least give a general idea of what you get :)

Both polishes are fully opaque with 2 coats and i was very impressed with how smoothly applies and its not too runny or thick, you get 6.2ml of product which isn't a bad size for the price id say if anything i just kinda struggled abit with the size of the brush/handle as its alot smaller than what im used to but i will definitely look into buying more!

I am a BIIG fan of Barry M nail polish and pretty much own almost all what they have :\ so when i by chance had a nosey on my way past the stand and noticed this beauty i had to have it. Its named 'Dusky Mauve' costing just £2.99 it and you get 10ml which is the same as Mac nail lacquer just less money :) 

Its a very dull shade of mushroomy brown with a slight hint of purple and sadly its kinda hard to capture in pics ...i found it too be rather thin and looked a bit streaky with one coat but its fine with two definitely my new favourite polish :D

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Long Hair

Well i recently decided i've had enough of having just a tad shorter than shoulder length hair that isn't as long as i want it to be and isn't growing as fast as i would like so i went for the next best option... Hair extensions!
Sorry its not the greatest pic in the world but it gives you a rough idea of how long my hair is at this moment in time! 
Okay so i theres no way in hell i could afford proper extensions and after my best friend had them about a year ago they are way too much effort for my liking so i opted for the clip in variety as i can have long hair whenever i like and occasionally shorter too!  :) 

Now i do not have the packaging for these anymore so i cant tell you much about them apart from that they are 100% real human hair which is what you want to go for as its more natural looking and they are easily picked up at a variety of online stores or good hair shops.
I was originally going to get the 20" Extensions but decided they were just that little bit too long so i went for 18" instead and the colour i got was Jet Black.  They didn't have any with the clips already attached so i had to purchase those separately and stitch them on.... altogether it came to just under £40   

As i have pretty thick hair i found the sections to be a bit too thin for my hair so i had to then double them up to make them thick enough to look normal once clipped in :) heres a pic of how they look :)

I only took this picture using photobooth on my Mac as i didn't have my camera to hand at the time and it was very late at night this is just to give you a general idea on how they look and i will most probably be showing them in many more tutorials to come.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Make Me Blush!!

As you may or may not have guessed from previous posts im currently building up my make up kit and my portfolio.. 
Originally brushes weren't exactly top of my list as i've been building up a pretty alright set of my own which are mainly Mac.
Day to day when im at work i very rarely wear make brushes get cleaned after every use and i do a deep clean every 2 weeks or so depending on the amount i use them so there in pretty good condition....using them on other people id have to wash them after every use for hygiene reasons and didn't really fancy putting my expensive ones through that which is when i went to check out sigma...As soon as i set my eyes on their 'Make Me' collection i knew it had to be!

They Say: The Sigma Beauty 'Make Me' collection was specially designed for a fun yet functional makeup application. the 'Make Me' collection is the ideal combination of high quality makeup brushes and beautiful colours. This kit contains our best selling complete kit with 12 essential brushes in an innovative and functional container that turns into 2 brush holders! Now you can be fashionable and stylish when creating your favourite looks, and keep your brushes organised while doing so! 

The collection consists of four different coloured brush sets all containing the same 12 brushes...Make Me ClassyMake Me CrazyMake Me Cool and well as its my favourite colour i just had to have Make Me Blush ......

(The Cat/Rabbit what ever it is on the box is just the cutest thing ever!!)
The Set consists of 5 Face brushes and 7 Eye brushes with the Names & purpose of the brush written on the handle in a rather pretty holographic print, In a quick comparison to Mac brushes the handles are slightly wider and the Sigma brushes are also longer but as i havn't had a chance to use them yet i cant really say how they hold up with shedding/quality wise so watch this space. 

Ive not been able to find anything on what the case is made from but im guessing from the smell that its coated in PVC and it is pretty dam surdy which makes it great for travelling with as you wont have to worry about your brushes being broken/damaged. Its honestly not as wide as i thought it was...its more oval shaped than circular and with all the brushes in it fills about 1/3 of the case so theres room for maybe a few more brushes if you wanted to add extra!

Ive noticed on a few peoples blogs that when you spend over $30 with Sigma you  receive a free gift, i wasnt aware of this until after my purchase as i seen no mention of it on the website ( knowing me it was right infront of my face) but im guessing this is what it is! Its only a travel sized brush so its easily lost in the big pot but it feels just as good quality as the rest of the brushes that came in the kit. 

Inside the packaging came cleaning instructions and a picture guide to every single brush provided in the kit explaining what each brush is used for and made from which i think its a very good extra to add i know it would've been nice to have when i first really got into make up!

These brush sets are available for purchase from the Sigma website HERE , They are priced at $99.00 in total, my package including the cheapest shipping cost me $116 which works out at a pretty good £72! ....Now im not doing this to badmouth Mac because i personally LOVE there brushes ...this is a simple comparison of the prices to show how good a deal this is!... If you were to buy these 12 brushes from Mac it would cost you £258.50!! i know theres no way in hell i could afford to get them all in one go with the budget im on!! 

Im pretty happy with my purchase and id say its a good buy for somebody looking for a set of brushes to get them started or as a present for a loved one :) 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oranges & Blues :)

Another make it up as i go along look today :) I have a draw especially for loose eyeshadows/pigments and  haven't touched it for a long time and as i have a pretty nice collection of Barry M Dazzle Dust, 18 to be exact, i thought id pick a few random colours out and see what i could come up with so i hope you like it!!

Btw its not a full face today tying to give my skin a break for a short while.

  • Urban Decay Primer potion in Sin 
  • Mac Paint Pot in Coral Creepe
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust in 84, 77 & 93
  • Lancome eyeshadow in white 
  • Barry M Khol pencil in white 30
  • Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Perversion
  • Clinique high impact mascara

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Coastal Scents Eclipse Palette

About 3-4 weeks ago i started hunting around online for a good quality low cost concealer palette to add into my make up kit, i was already aware that coastal scents did a Camouflage palette so i thought i would check that out only to see they had released the eclipse palette. After a lot of deliberation, reading through and watching reviews i settled for the Eclipse palette!

I Ordered the palette and a shadow/liner pack of brush guards on January 21st and it arrived on January 31st, 10 from america isnt too bad at all, i ordered a few eye shadow palettes from Coastal scents a year or two ago and also had pretty quick delivery then so its always a plus! 

The Eclipse palette is sold for $14.95 on the website, using a random currency convertor it works out at around £9.44, All the prices on the website are displayed in US Dollars and the shipping is calculated on checkout before any payment is made! Altogether it cost me $27.45 or £17.33 which personally i dont think is too bad at all. 

It comes with 15 Concealer shades, 3 of them being corrective concealers and one is more of a shimmery highlighter. I must admit they are not as creamy as initially expected them to be and as i've been using it on myself since i received it i have found they are better applied with fingers rather than a brush as they are easier to work with and blend once slightly warmed. 

If anybody owns a coastal scents eyeshadow palette you will know what a pain the opening can sometimes be...i find it is anyway, well this palette has a slightly slanted egde on the front making it much easier to pull it open and id say it feels pretty secure once its shut!

The actual palette isn't very big at all, only 6"x4", i seen alot of people complain about the size saying its too small but i think its pretty nice & compact.
i thought id show it in comparison to a sleek eyeshadow palette cos if your anything like me measurements dont mean much to me unless i have it compared to something or have a tape measure to hand!!
Each pan is around the size of a Mac eyeshadow, maybe just a tiiiiny bit bigger, so not too small really but just big enough. 
In a lot of the reviews i read people were complaining because there was no mirror inside the lid like in the eyeshadow palettes but tbh im rather glad there isn't as the one in my 88 shimmer palette cracked when i was travelling with it one weekend and it just looks a bit of a mess and could possibly quite dangerous!

I swatched all 15 shades and as you can see it covers a wide range of skin tones and they are pretty easy mixed with one another which will help me out alot when it comes to doing some portfolio work. :D 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Baking a cake!!

Yesterday my beautiful mother and I were left with the wonderfully fun task of babysitting my 3 going on 33 year old niece whilst her mother, my big sister, was at work!! 
In an attempt to keep her as busy and entertained as we possibly could i took a break from make up for a night and we decided to bake a cake!!

My Beautiful little helper who lost all interest in the whole cake baking process almost straight after i took the picture! :\
Super YUMMMM cake mix!!!

That was the recipe we followed incase anyone is curious!
We took a trip to the local shop to seek out come interesting decorative cake toppings and this was the best i could come up with...the plan in the end was to keep it simple!

Fresh out of the oven..took longer to bake than i expected it to though, about 40 minutes, as we put all the mix into one tin instead of two! 
Here is the finished masterpiece! we had alot of fun decorating it ...i did start it off with some order to it but my niece decided to just stick stuff allover it lol 
I just do not understand what 3 year old will not lick melted chocolate off her hands,out the bowl or off the spoon simply because it is too messy!!!!