Saturday, 29 January 2011


I was originally planning on doing a look today but i picked up my new glasses at last and they have given me the baddest headache ever :( feels like im wearing magnifying glasses its AWFUL!  So instead i have a review of sleeks new blush 'Scandalous'.
For Valentines sleek have released the Stiletto collection which is available in most superdrugs and online HERE.... it consists of 3 red products.. 'Scandal' pout polish, 'Geishas Seal' Nailed polish and 'Scandal' Blush.

Honestly its not the most exciting of collections and the only one that really caught my eye was the blush, i was put off the pout polish a while nice as they look on the lips they do not taste nice at all, and as i have a huge nail polish collection i didn't really feel the need to buy any more.

What really caught my eye about the blush is that it reminds me alot of Nars 'Exhibit A' Blush without that hefty price tag, i do not own Exhibit A but i was surprised to see that in comparison to a Nars blush i do own, the Sleek blush packaging is smaller than that of the Nars blush, with Sleek you get 8g of product for £4.29 compared to Nars where you get 4.5g of product for £20.50...almost double! 

The packaging makes it look just like a miniature version of the eyeshadow palettes, its very sturdy and simple and compact enough to carry around. 

The second swatch does make it look like more of a rash which i know isnt such a great look but on the face it does look more like a natural flushed cheek and i will try fit it into a look as soon as i can! :)

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