Thursday, 27 January 2011

Primer potion

Its a well known fact amongst the great majority of primer potion users that when you think its empty ....its really not! As lovely as the packaging they use is its not the most practical. im always faced with the problem of storage as it just will not fit into the tub along side my other kinds of eye/face primers. Ive never de-potted one before and it came time to do mine yesterday and i was shocked when i seen how much there was left inside!!

I simply cut it in half with a sharp knife and scooped it all out with the wand and put it into an empty container...just a word of warning gets abit messy...i had shimmer everywhere yesterday!

I think due to the practicality of the packaging and because there both as good as each other i may purchase some too faced shadow insurance next time round. 

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