Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I Got A Package :D

On Friday i Purchased a few items for my make up kit online from Cocktail Cosmetics. Firstly i am VERY impressed with the speed at which i received my package, it said 2-5 working days for the expected delivery time, it was late friday evening-ish when i placed my order so i didn't really expect it till later on in the week but it came this morning just after i left for work. I must admit i was slightly worried when i seen the size of the box but it was all nicely packed in with as little amount of waste packaging as possible!

Three Way Lidded Jar £1.95
PRO 35 well Japonesque Palette £21.95
I've wanted one of these for SOOO long!!
Large Z Palette £15.95
I Also purchased some Self adhesive magnets , if you purchased 10 you got 5 free and they were £1.95, tbh i dont think id go for those again as they were very small, around the size of a 5 pence piece and there not so great for big pans like superdrugs MUA eyeshadows so slightly disappointed with that. 

Ive  been hooked on the beauty of OCC Lip Tars for a LONG time now and was most excited when i seen them on CC priced at £8.95 so i thought id purchase one just for now, after much deliberation i settled for 'Grandma' which is a very bright almost Orange shade of Coral and a bit too bright for me to pull off which is a shame but im sure ill find good use for it.

Overall i've been highly satisfied with my purchases and the great selection of products available on the CC website which is linked at the top of this post, i definitely encourage you to go take a look :)  

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