Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Avon Colour Rich Lipstick Review

For starters SHAME ON ME for neglecting my blog for so long i really have no good excuse at all so BIG apologies to my followers WOW i actually have some!! :D 

For now i have a review of Avons Colour Rich Lipstick (i am new to this review lark so please do bare with me) 

Due to a bad Avon experience a few years ago which i will not go into i can honestly say i was rather put off but when a friend recently started working as an avon rep there were a few items in the catalogue which caught my eye, this being one of them so i thought HEY whats the worst that can happen!?


Its a very pale shade of coral with a satin finish, it glides on easily and has a very creamy texture, it has a slight fragrance and im unsure of what exactly it is but its nothing too bad and its pretty much tasteless... thats something im rather particular about, Its stands about the same heigh as a mac lipstick but it is fatter which may be a slight issue for some who may like to pack alot into a small hand back or make up case.
 Id say at the most you can get about 2-3 hours wear time out of it as i drink alot of tea/water at work. As out of personal preference i own mainly mac lipsticks i am rather impressed with this product and the quality of it. 

I know when i purchased mine it came as one of those 'Spend £10 on make up and get this stuff free' promotions that avon do which can sometimes be pretty good but its at £7 on the website at the moment, the exact page is linked above or it can be purchased from an avon rep like i did. :) 

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