Monday, 31 January 2011


i finally received my package from Coastal Scents today!! YAY .. so i initially planned to do a review then happened to open up one of my many make up draws that i've not looked in for a while and came across a mac eyeshadow quad and just had to do a look instead....not realising ive already done 2 plum kinda looks so apologies for that but i feel like it would be abit of a waste not to post it! 

Its the new glasses!
  • Mac Beige-ing shade stick
  • Revlon Luxurious colour eyeshadow - Nude slip
  • Mac eyeshadow - Plum dressing, Nocturnelle, Trax
  • MUA shade 1
  • Urban Decay liquid eyeliner - Perversion
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil - zero
  • Avon super shock mascara
The face part is pretty much the same as always so i didn't feel the need to post it up as it gets rather repetitive to read through on every single look post! 

  • Mac Viva Glam V Lipstick & Lipglass

Sunday, 30 January 2011


I woke up this morning with a strange feeling of anger inside me due to something i heard the night before but i hate nto an angry/agressive person at all so to take my mind off things i did what i do best and made most of it up as i went along sure as hell cheered me up and i managed to stick on lashes!!! (yes ive not been able to stick them on myself for a very long time) so heres what i came up with :)

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion - Sin
  • Lancome ....the name has rubbed off the back all i know is that its a pure white eyeshadow!!
  • Mac - Silver ring
  • Urban Decay - Gunmetal, Creep & Oil Slick 
  • Sleek blush - Scandalous
  • Urban Decay liquid eyeliner - Perversion
  • Mac fluid line - Blacktrack
  • Avon supershock mascara 
  • Mac Lashes .... i think they are No 12 

  • No 7 Protect & perfect foundation - cream 
  • Benefit erase paste - fair
  • Laura Mercier loose setting powder
  • Mac - Plum dressing
  • Sleek Blush - Scandalous 
  • Bobby brown shimmer brick - Pink quartz
  • Sleek true colour lipstick - Vixen
  • Barry M kohl pencil - 26

Saturday, 29 January 2011


I was originally planning on doing a look today but i picked up my new glasses at last and they have given me the baddest headache ever :( feels like im wearing magnifying glasses its AWFUL!  So instead i have a review of sleeks new blush 'Scandalous'.
For Valentines sleek have released the Stiletto collection which is available in most superdrugs and online HERE.... it consists of 3 red products.. 'Scandal' pout polish, 'Geishas Seal' Nailed polish and 'Scandal' Blush.

Honestly its not the most exciting of collections and the only one that really caught my eye was the blush, i was put off the pout polish a while nice as they look on the lips they do not taste nice at all, and as i have a huge nail polish collection i didn't really feel the need to buy any more.

What really caught my eye about the blush is that it reminds me alot of Nars 'Exhibit A' Blush without that hefty price tag, i do not own Exhibit A but i was surprised to see that in comparison to a Nars blush i do own, the Sleek blush packaging is smaller than that of the Nars blush, with Sleek you get 8g of product for £4.29 compared to Nars where you get 4.5g of product for £20.50...almost double! 

The packaging makes it look just like a miniature version of the eyeshadow palettes, its very sturdy and simple and compact enough to carry around. 

The second swatch does make it look like more of a rash which i know isnt such a great look but on the face it does look more like a natural flushed cheek and i will try fit it into a look as soon as i can! :)

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Primer potion

Its a well known fact amongst the great majority of primer potion users that when you think its empty ....its really not! As lovely as the packaging they use is its not the most practical. im always faced with the problem of storage as it just will not fit into the tub along side my other kinds of eye/face primers. Ive never de-potted one before and it came time to do mine yesterday and i was shocked when i seen how much there was left inside!!

I simply cut it in half with a sharp knife and scooped it all out with the wand and put it into an empty container...just a word of warning gets abit messy...i had shimmer everywhere yesterday!

I think due to the practicality of the packaging and because there both as good as each other i may purchase some too faced shadow insurance next time round. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Yesterday my sister asked me to do some make up on her for the fun of it and as she was so dead set against green thats just what i had to use :D 
I've just de-potted nearly all of my MUA eyeshadows so they were the first to had when doing this look. As sister go she's a real pain to do make up on as she's constantly winging and wouldn't let me add any liner or eyelashes so thats why it does look rather incomplete but it was fun to do something bright on her for once! 

  • UD PP in Sin. 
  • MUA in Shades 1, 5, 6 & 8
  • Avon Supershock mascara.
  • Sleek skin revive foundation - Sand
  • Soap & Glory Trick & treatment - Bright on
  • Laura Mercier loose setting powder
  • Mac Harmony blush
  • Mac Ripe Peach blush
  • Bobby Brown pink quartz shimmer brick

I Got A Package :D

On Friday i Purchased a few items for my make up kit online from Cocktail Cosmetics. Firstly i am VERY impressed with the speed at which i received my package, it said 2-5 working days for the expected delivery time, it was late friday evening-ish when i placed my order so i didn't really expect it till later on in the week but it came this morning just after i left for work. I must admit i was slightly worried when i seen the size of the box but it was all nicely packed in with as little amount of waste packaging as possible!

Three Way Lidded Jar £1.95
PRO 35 well Japonesque Palette £21.95
I've wanted one of these for SOOO long!!
Large Z Palette £15.95
I Also purchased some Self adhesive magnets , if you purchased 10 you got 5 free and they were £1.95, tbh i dont think id go for those again as they were very small, around the size of a 5 pence piece and there not so great for big pans like superdrugs MUA eyeshadows so slightly disappointed with that. 

Ive  been hooked on the beauty of OCC Lip Tars for a LONG time now and was most excited when i seen them on CC priced at £8.95 so i thought id purchase one just for now, after much deliberation i settled for 'Grandma' which is a very bright almost Orange shade of Coral and a bit too bright for me to pull off which is a shame but im sure ill find good use for it.

Overall i've been highly satisfied with my purchases and the great selection of products available on the CC website which is linked at the top of this post, i definitely encourage you to go take a look :)  

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Avon Colour Rich Lipstick Review

For starters SHAME ON ME for neglecting my blog for so long i really have no good excuse at all so BIG apologies to my followers WOW i actually have some!! :D 

For now i have a review of Avons Colour Rich Lipstick (i am new to this review lark so please do bare with me) 

Due to a bad Avon experience a few years ago which i will not go into i can honestly say i was rather put off but when a friend recently started working as an avon rep there were a few items in the catalogue which caught my eye, this being one of them so i thought HEY whats the worst that can happen!?


Its a very pale shade of coral with a satin finish, it glides on easily and has a very creamy texture, it has a slight fragrance and im unsure of what exactly it is but its nothing too bad and its pretty much tasteless... thats something im rather particular about, Its stands about the same heigh as a mac lipstick but it is fatter which may be a slight issue for some who may like to pack alot into a small hand back or make up case.
 Id say at the most you can get about 2-3 hours wear time out of it as i drink alot of tea/water at work. As out of personal preference i own mainly mac lipsticks i am rather impressed with this product and the quality of it. 

I know when i purchased mine it came as one of those 'Spend £10 on make up and get this stuff free' promotions that avon do which can sometimes be pretty good but its at £7 on the website at the moment, the exact page is linked above or it can be purchased from an avon rep like i did. :)