Thursday, 2 September 2010

Argh :(

Serious case of Blog neglect yet again!! very bad of me i know.
Over this poor excuse of a summer that weve had ive worn very little make up ..ive also had no brush cleaner for AGES so refused to do any looks but now im back in action.

Ive also decided to start doing product reviews/swatches and inform of any amazing little bargins ot treats i happen to come across ...which brings me onto my next subject

The Models Own eye shading brush.

I happened to notice my local boots had re-arranged and adopted a few new self serve make up displays so i thought id have a often very wary of investing in make up i know very little about as im on a limited budget i hate products that are a waste.

As came across the Models Own section i happened to be on the phone to my best friend and mentioned they sell brushed which she said shes read are very good....i purchased the eye shading brush for £5 (which is £3 online!!) and boyyy am i in LOVE!!!

The bristles are incredibly soft and so far ive had no shedding/malting of hairs which is always a plus, i like how the handle is a good size as i can get a good grip on it, i also love how when im doing one colour or neutral looks i only have to use that one brush!!

I think its a MUST have for every kit or anybody looking to build up a nice set of brushes :)